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getting a handjob

Andre gets a Handjob

It is a crying shame I tell you. Such a cute looking guy and all he can get is a handjob? I mean come on over to my pad and I'll give him a lot more pleasure, than a mere handjob can deliver. He would be worth the effort, me thinks

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getting some head

Nothing like grilling up some tube steaks on the barbie

Isn't Summertime great? I mean out in the backyard, throwing some hot dogs on the old grill, going inside to enjoy some fresh dogs in a nice warm bun, then getting it all smeared in some lovely milky protein, makes for a perfect afternoon. Hey, afterwards you get to soak up some rays while getting ready for the next course, right?

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ripped muscle twink masturbates

I do love a show off with a big dick

I really need to take a vacation to Eastern Europe. I mean all them hot young boys that Eastboys has, will certainly make the trip interesting, and besides, I might just run into Alexander over there. Damn he has a nice Pecker, and body to match.

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Fondling a big dick

Call me greedy, but I do love a nice big thick cock, specially when it comes with a nice slender tall handsome young guy like Eastboy's Mark Blom. Seems he does enjoy a nice firm hand too, though I'd prefer to use not just my hand.

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twinks suck, rim and fuck

Action in small village

You have to admit it, them thar European twinks sure do know how to have fun, even if they are in some small village. Naturally I am partial to the long haired cutie, who sure knows how to deliver a good rim job.

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