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Johannes Lars does time

Back Behind Bars

Oh I do like the look of twinky Johannes Lars. And you know, he rather suprised me with how he fits the role, and actually makes it all seem so, well real. The look on his face, when he is confronted with that big uncut dick, is just what you would expect. Plus he is what I do call a real twink, long hair, pretty face, nice lean body.

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Alex Silver jacks himself off

Blond Alex Pops a Load

I do enjoy slender young twinks, like young Alex here. What I don't enjoy is the latest hair styles, but I will forgive him sort of. What really pisses me off, is he didn't call when he needed to pop a load. I mean geez, I would have gladly given him a helping hand, or mouth, or whatever.

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European uncut twinks

He can serve at my Altar

I do love a nice uncut Penis. They are such fun to touch, to fondle, that a guy could just spend ages enthralled by the foreskin. Course when that Penis is attached to a sexy European Twink, well hell, it gets the motor revved up.

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Cruising for sex in back alley

Back Alley Surprise

A bit of cruising is fun, especially when you can find a guy with a big thick cock who wants a bit more than just a quick blow job. Hey, its a nice fantasy, seeing some hot guy jerking off, then winding up getting boned by his big dick.

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barn three some

Romp in the Barn

Not sure I like guys who play tricks, or are devious. Even if it means some hot fucking but hey, its all a fantasy so that is okay. No one gets hurt, unless you count the pain of penetration as being hurt. Though I rather like that initial shock of being split open.

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