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Twinkies fool around


The older one gets, the less fun they can be. I mean if you are my age, how often do you just, well fool around with your buddies? Do you toss them on the bed and wrestle before finding yourself sucking one of their dicks? Nah, didn't think so, which is why I do love my Twinkies. They do fool around.

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I’d keep his secret

The secret lives we lead, being Queer. Still, I would never let anyone know that Zac was diddling Evan, provided of course I got to sample the goods. What can I say, I can be a dog at times, and damn it, Zac is cute, and well, Evan is still a dream

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Helix studios sex series, Helix Academy

Catching Up With My School Buddies

The single biggest bitch I have, about Helix Studios, is they give me way too many hot choices to jerk off over. The guys alone get me hornier than fuck, but they have to give me a hot sex series too. Like their Helix Academy porn series. Damn hot guys, who can make me believe it all, which makes me only stroke harder, faster, and more often.

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the new Helix Academy term has begun

New Semester Already

School was never exactly filled with golden moments for me, but thanks to the Helix Academy series, I can at least have those moments, in my fantasies. Plus, well I do like blonds that like it hard and guys who love to deliver a good ass drilling.

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Twink gets initiated into sex club

Jessies Academy Initiation

Damn is my Pecker sore! Seriously, I loved the trailer so much that I had to go watch the full episode in the members area. Hey, not only was Jessie good, but he had me worried at the start, that some harm might come to my favorite Helix Twink.

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Jessie watches his room mates make out

That First Night

Damn if I am not inspired, by just the images from Helix Academy scene one. The pictures are fucking awesome, and they do get this Old Geezer horny, and yes, off too. What can I say, it has Jessie Montgomery in it, which is like an automatic stiffy for me, but it is more than that.

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