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erotic photograph of twink

Instant Boner with Rai

When I see photographs like this, I am not thinking of sex on the cheap, but of making love with someone who truly is into me. It helps me actually believe in the fantasy, that some sexy young twink could be into an old guy like me. Looking as hot as Rai does, only makes the fantasy more intense.

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Mating Rituals of Twinks

Sometime I just want to enjoy my own version of scene release, and well hell I do like a good story now and then. Besides, Jessie Montgomery is awfully hot. Hey Helix has some damn good looking guys.

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Helix twinks including Kyle Ross

What makes him a Twinky?

Maybe I am wrong, but you know some guys who are eighteen, make me think they are forty something, while some guys who are nearing Thirty, make me think they can't be quite eighteen. It isn't just age I think, but it is that they are youthful in not just looks, but in deeds.

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I’d keep his secret

The secret lives we lead, being Queer. Still, I would never let anyone know that Zac was diddling Evan, provided of course I got to sample the goods. What can I say, I can be a dog at times, and damn it, Zac is cute, and well, Evan is still a dream

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camping out with Helix boys

Hot Times Around the Campfire

I may be old, but I do enjoy a nice camping trip, with some sexy young Twinks, like Felix, Scotty, Nicholas, and Mathew. Connor is nice too, but he'd be my competition for the nighttime affections of the others, and I don't need any added obstacles. Besides I am greedy, I'd want all four of those lovelies.

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the new Helix Academy term has begun

New Semester Already

School was never exactly filled with golden moments for me, but thanks to the Helix Academy series, I can at least have those moments, in my fantasies. Plus, well I do like blonds that like it hard and guys who love to deliver a good ass drilling.

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