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hot steamy twink action with Kyle Ross

Like a California Postcard | Kyle and Ryan

Okay, so I have a thing for Kyle Ross, who doesn't? I adore his smile, his look, just as much as his sexual attributes. And this release from August 2016 only helps prove my point. The guy just holds my attention and gets this old man's juices flowing

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I could dream about Kyle Ross for weeks on that release

Maybe I do have an over active imagination, but watching Kyle Ross, does get my mind into gear, among other things. Hey, its Kyle Ross and he's one of my all time favorite young men. Not just because of his lovely body, but his whole warm inviting personality. Why I can spend hours dreaming and stroking, and to hell with the world.

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Helix twinks including Kyle Ross

What makes him a Twinky?

Maybe I am wrong, but you know some guys who are eighteen, make me think they are forty something, while some guys who are nearing Thirty, make me think they can't be quite eighteen. It isn't just age I think, but it is that they are youthful in not just looks, but in deeds.

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An Incantation or Two

Okay so I am a bit odd, I am entitled, given my age. But if you stop and think about it, the possibilities one could encounter, from being a genuine Wizard, are awfully tempting. Think of being able to cast a spell over some hot barely legal guy, like Kyle Ross or Justin Lebeau. Imagine never having to worry about if the sexy guy will come home with you or not. I mean, damn that would be fun.

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Give me some Sizzle

I maybe old, but I still enjoy jerking off to some hot young twinks. Problem is, I like a bit of sizzle with my sex, I am tired of the boring sets, the same routine. Give me something to spark my imagination, so I can get an orgasm, not just a dribble of spunk after it all. Some do it, why can't they all do it? Besides, these guys are fucking cute, why take away their naturaly gift of making an old man cum?

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My Helix Boys

Some sites have one or two super stars in their lineup. Helix, in my opinion has a lot more than one or two. And you won't find them anywhere but at Helix. Young guys like Kyle Ross or Jessie Montgomery, just to name two. Then are the others, like Ian Levine, Roman Daniels, and well the list just keeps growing, which makes Helix my one stop sex fantasy store. LOL

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