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Kyler gets his cock sucked

Twink Tuesday | Something Sweet and Sticky

For those who think twinks are sweet and innocent, Kyler Moss and Preston Andrews should make you smile while you reach for some lube. Course neither of them are innocent, but damn they do look sweet. Hell, who wouldn't mind a romp in bed with either of them. I would certainly not refuse such an opportunity, but alas, I will have to settle for using my imagination, as I watch them suck each others cock, and enjoy Preston drilling Kyler's lovely tight boy hole. Hey it is Twink Tuesday, what else did you expect?

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cock sucking

Twink Tuesday | Kyler and Alexsander

Now this is a good match up. I'd kill to look like Sugar Daddy Alexsander, but I'd really kill to be able to have a boy toy like Kyler Moss. I can live looking ordinary, not with rippling muscles, or a shaved beard, or even a massive colored tattoo, as long as I get to keep Kyler Moss as my own personal love slave. I mean come on, he is gorgeous, fun loving, and oh so yummy looking. Plus he loves to suck cock, enjoys a good hard ass drilling. What more could an old fart want from a boy toy?

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making love with his sugar daddy

New Site but Old Faces

I like young men. When they are over eighteen, and under twenty two, they are so wild in bed, that it makes an old geezer feel like he has been in a whirlwind. I love that feeling, and the idea of seeing a site featuring us old farts, with young twinks like Kyler Moss, well it has my mind working overtime. I mean at last, some reality to base my fantasies on, visually. Inspiration for some excellent jerk off dreams is exactly what the Doctor ordered. Besides, it keeps one sane.

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Conner stuffs Kyler's ass

Pounding the Cum out of His Uncut Cock

Kyler Moss is at it again, and damn he's even changed his hair color. Mind you it looks like he's bulked up a teeny bit, and it looks good on him. He still packs a nice thick uncut cock, but it is that cute tight ass that gets the attention. He really is one hell of a good bottom, and damn, can he groan. Nothing boring about him, nor his partner Conner either. Makes for some interesting fantasy thoughts.

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bondage and pain twinks

Kyler does some Kinky shit

Something new for this old man. Twinks who love to do kinky stuff, and all condom free too. Have to admit, seeing Kyler Moss strung up like that, to see his uncut dick's foreskin clamped has gotten me inquisitive and horny. Plus that Miles guy is rather cute, and while Roxy is a bit too girly for me, he fits the role too. Like wow, this is a whole new experience, that is gonna give me some interesting fantasies. I think I like this.

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