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Helix threesome

Three is very good company

You know, Max has gotten older, but damn that boy sure has a killer body. He is toned, and just as good looking and now experienced too! Hey, the guy knows how to plow a nice tight boy-hole.

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Barely legal twinks from Helix Studios

Now these get me grabbing the lube and towel

Some studios have a whole collection of sexy guys, others have one or two. Helix is the former, and damn the new crop of hotties, along with their high def photographs, certainly have me reaching for more Lube, and a clean cum rag more often than is good for this Old Man.

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Max Carter gets railed hard and often

Like Peas in a Pod

When the guys are in tune with each other, are wanting to please each other, well we win big time. Honestly the sex is just better, which is why Cockyboys is becoming a Daddy Favorite. Course having blond Max Carter getting his ass drilled helps.

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twinks who can kiss with passion

Kissing Fools

It may not be scientific, but I swear that when I see good looking twinks, kissing with passion, with real emotion, the sex that follows is always better. Hell, I feel that way in real life too, so maybe its a bias, but damn, it works for me. And I do love romance, so when they kiss, it just helps me reach for the lube and get ready for some super duper sex.

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two hot Maxes make out

Grade AAA Orgasm

Porn should get a guy excited, and not just so he can pop a quick load. It should entice you to dream, to imagine being there with the guys, which is what Cockyboys has done with this awesome flip flop scene with Max Carter & Max Ryder. Damn, they got me so hard, just from the pictures, I need ointment for my sore Pecker, and a nap.

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Awesome Love Making

Sometimes, well fuck, the pictures don't do justice to the actual action. Even though the photographs are great, you need to watch the video to see just how good it is. Like with Delta Bravo and Max Carter. It is almost like you are a fly on the wall, witnessing them live out their fantasy, oblivious to everything else. Now THAT is what my wet dreams are made of, it just doesn't get much better.

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