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Jaro rams Will's tight boy hole

Military excursion in the woods

Who didn't enjoy playing soldiers as a kid? I know I did, and to think, I missed out on all these fun excursions because, well, who knew? Eh? Jaro and Will make for some cute recruits out searching for rebels, course they are packing some serious weaponry, like nice thick cocks.

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twinks make out camping

Camping | French Style

Daddy does prefer a big soft bed for his little trysts, but sometimes roughing it in the great outdooes does have its fringe benefits. Like enjoying the beauty of nature, along with some rather sexy naked young twinks, who only want to suck and fuck, under the stars, the sky, in the tent, wherever they can.

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bit of rough bondage sex in the forest

BushWhacked in the Bushes

I do enjoy a nice walk, it is amazing at what, well who you an stumble across. Now you gotta admit it, sometimes you do kind of want a bit of kink, a bit of rough play before enjoying a nice hard ass pounding fuck. I mean it adds some spice to one's sex life.

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horny French Twinks on the farm

Learning All the positions

You know working on a farm ain't easy, but damn it, these French twinkies sure do seem to enjoy working out in the barn. Then again, I wouldn't mind giving them a hand either, considering what they do among all that hay.

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sexy twinks make out on the grass

Getting his chance, at last

Nothing like some hot sun beaming down, cool green grass and a lovely picnic table. Hey, what better picnic can there be, when hot young twink cock and ass is on the menu? I do enjoy those kind of snacks, dont you?

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camping out with Helix boys

Hot Times Around the Campfire

I may be old, but I do enjoy a nice camping trip, with some sexy young Twinks, like Felix, Scotty, Nicholas, and Mathew. Connor is nice too, but he'd be my competition for the nighttime affections of the others, and I don't need any added obstacles. Besides I am greedy, I'd want all four of those lovelies.

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