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Getting Each Other Off

The idea of seeing someone, that gets you hot and bothered is good, but I ain't gonna use some plastic toy for the finale. Me, I like cum to be fresh, not dribbling out of some plastic toy. And when did Twinkys who can deep throat a nice thick dick, stop and use a toy? Damn I have to be getting old, but hey, they are cute and the sixty nining is fucking hot.

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Little Bit of Kink | If Only

My apologizes, really. I was so looking forward to a bit of kinky sex, but as hard as I tried, this little scene from Boynapped, just got my dander up. I like Drake Law, he is damn cute and Dan is okay too. Not their fault, but whoever writes the descriptions, needs to look at the pictures being included. The guy who selects the photographs, needs a head shake too. Rather a turn off, and has me glad my wallet is in my hip pocket, CLOSED TIGHT.

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Taking Jake Prisoner

I like some fantasy with my sex, but it doesn't have to be extravagant. But this isn't even minimal, at best. Though the three guys are kind of good looking, hot even, the fantasy of two being Military guys, stalking some civilian, doesn't work. Though I'd certainly take that one in for closer interrogation. He is sexy.

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Acting Student Gets Lesson in Porn

Chalk it up to being out of sorts, or being cranky. Robert looked promising, but faltered on closer inspection, as did Tommy. Hey I love my Twinks, and it takes a special kind of older guy to get me polishing the old knob. But the sex was kind of fun to watch, but it didn't really get me reaching for the old cum rag. It might for you though.

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Bored but Awfully Cute

I do enjoy good looking twinks like Mario, but I do prefer they actually seem to be enjoying the sex. Nothing like a guy who is hot that appears to be bored with it all. Maybe if he was with different sex partners, he would be more animated. Though maybe they were all out too late the night before, practising for this photo shoot? Could explain the dazed and blank looks.

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Versatile Teaser

Emo twinks can be awfully sexy, but someone needs to make a site, that actually does that, instead of making them look like closteted Republicans, (or Conservatives). Yes nice bright undies, but the guy is cute, show that, instead of hiding it. And lets see what he can do, instead of pose. Who poses when they are off jerking off? And hey, if he is hung, how about letting us be the judge of that, with some details.

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