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I could dream about Kyle Ross for weeks on that release

Maybe I do have an over active imagination, but watching Kyle Ross, does get my mind into gear, among other things. Hey, its Kyle Ross and he's one of my all time favorite young men. Not just because of his lovely body, but his whole warm inviting personality. Why I can spend hours dreaming and stroking, and to hell with the world.

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My Helix Boys

Some sites have one or two super stars in their lineup. Helix, in my opinion has a lot more than one or two. And you won't find them anywhere but at Helix. Young guys like Kyle Ross or Jessie Montgomery, just to name two. Then are the others, like Ian Levine, Roman Daniels, and well the list just keeps growing, which makes Helix my one stop sex fantasy store. LOL

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Conner stuffs Kyler's ass

Pounding the Cum out of His Uncut Cock

Kyler Moss is at it again, and damn he's even changed his hair color. Mind you it looks like he's bulked up a teeny bit, and it looks good on him. He still packs a nice thick uncut cock, but it is that cute tight ass that gets the attention. He really is one hell of a good bottom, and damn, can he groan. Nothing boring about him, nor his partner Conner either. Makes for some interesting fantasy thoughts.

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sexy young men sucking cocks

He is Definitely Wet Dream Material

I am in hog heaven. The instant I saw his photo, I was smitten. Hell, opening up the set of photos got me also opening up the bottle of lube. I mean he is cute, has a nice toned body, and a gorgeous penis. What more do I need? Well to have him in person, naturally. I mean he is a true bottom bitch, likes his nice hairy hole played with, and that's just for starters. There is so much to say about this sexy young man, but you can see for yourself. Me, I am gonna enjoy jerking off to him again, and I know he'll be giving me a damn hot wet dream tonight.

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twink tongue fucks his buddy

Save Money While Getting Off to Hot Young Men

I do love a bargain, and when it is to join a hot twink site, well I am reaching for the wallet. First I have to unlock the pocket, then enter my secret password to the electronic lock, and then, pull it out. Grab my special key to unlock the case holding the wallet, then enter the combination to the lock on the wallet, then I can get my credit card out. Hey, I am not cheap, just frugal and 40% off makes it worth the effort to go through all that, so I can jerk off to some hot young twinks like Timo, Preston, and others.

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sucking ass

Licking the Butt Crack is not a good Rim Job

There are a few good sites out there, that show a decent rim job. Most don't, but damn, Bel Ami sure as fuck does. I love how they show the pucker hole, how they capture the tongue as it is in mid lick. And damn, those Bel Ami boys know how to spread their lovely ass cheeks. Like that is essential if you want a good rimming. I am in hog heaven when I see a hot rimming, followed by some large uncut cock being stuffed into the recently tongued butt hole. It just has me rushing to satisfy myself. Which is what good porn is supposed to do.

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