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sexy twink plays at Doctor

Playing Doctor with Logan

I do enjoy my Stud Muffins, and I don't mind a good story, but honestly Logan Lech just isn't what I'd call Doctor Material. He is cute, damn cute actually, but no way has he finished medical school. Least he doesn't look like he has, but damn, I'd help him in his studies if he wanted.

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Chris Jansen and Joshua Levy

Cruising the Park for a hot Fuck

Joshua Levy has a hard look at times, that just makes him even more delicious. Come on, who doesn't enjoy a guy that looks a bit menacing, specially considering the weapon he has dangling between his legs. Size Queens rejoice, at something that thick and long. Least I am drooling over it.

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Enzo and Titus get it on

Sporty Duo Bicker then Fuck

I do enjoy a pair of twinks dressed up in sports gear, but in this case, they sure do get out of them quick. But can you blame them? I mean how long would you stay dressed if you had a chance at either of those sweet butts or tasty dicks?

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Hot fit guys have a threesome

Spunked soaked trio

I must admit, it is Roman Black that makes this threesome for me. While Tony and Martin are nice, it is that long dark haired hottie Roman that grabs my attention. He what is not to like? He's got a fit body, shapely ass, tasty looking cock, and lovely dark long hair.

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Micky Rush and Tony Conrad

Do Tats make Micky a Badass?

I do so enjoy a nice bit of rimming, fingering, and hard raw fucking, but when one is covered in tats, I don't know, it just takes a bit away from the whole fun. Obviously not for Tony, and maybe not for you, but it does for me. Guess its an old person thing.

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Noah with five other guys

Five Guys and Noah Matous Gang Bang Fun

Through whoever you want in the mix, as long as I get a birds eye view of watching Noah take them all on. Hey, what can I say, that young man knows how to hit the right buttons for this Old Codger. Now if only I can find a way to get him into my bedroom.

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