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hot shower jerk off

Getting Dirty while Getting Clean

Now for those who enjoy the more hairy type, with loads of Ink, come meet Tomahawk. This dude has some serious tattoos all over, a rather hard piercing stare, while he manges to jerk that very lovely Penis, in the shower. He does need a shower buddy, I think.

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Bel Ami boy Kevin fucks Harris

Kevin gets to top Harris

Bit of romance, some nice cuddling, then a switch around, and the normal bottom gets to top his buddy. Hey, I love it when things get switched up, course I also am infatuated with Kevin Warhol and all the lovely uncut Bel Ami boys. Who can resist?

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sexy trio of hot horny guys

Rough Tough Tumble Threesome

I do love it when I can enjoy not just one of the guys in a scene. Hell, I even found myself enjoying Colby Keller in this threesome, who really isn't quite my type. But then again, it seems "my type" is expanding thanks to Cockyboys and their pairings. Plus it does feature Jett Black.

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Hard bodies with hard cocks

Getting Plowed

At times, I do rather enjoy guys who have an 'edge' to them. Like Jake Bass with all his colorful tattoos, and even Asher Hawk with his unshaved face. Something about that look, that sense of pent up emotion, that gets me wanting to see more, experience more.

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Daddy with his Twinky

Motorcycle Bitch

It is a fantasy, to be a hot looking Daddy, have a bunch of sexy twinks hanging on my every word, following me around, doing my bidding. Maybe that is why I am rather enjoying Hot Dads Hot Lads, or at least enjoying exploring it. Maybe it will stimulate the old fantasies, more?

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Learning about Levi Karter

Levi’s Journey

I do enjoy learning more about the hot guys I jerk off to. It just helps build up some great fantasies, that makes for great orgasms. So when I get to see a porn actors self discovery journey, told by him, I just get all twitchy. I mean Levi Karter is handsome, and he does give me an insight into him, and the Porn industry too. Gets me stroking.

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