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three way rimming

Photo Shoot | Voyeurist 3 Way

I do enjoy a good rim job and watching a threeway tongue fucking is damn hot. Helix does know how to please, and these guys ain't bad at it. throw in some dildo fun and it's a nice view to jack off to.

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hot bareback trio including Billy Rubens

Three way fuck-a-thon with Billy

Who better to enjoy Billy Rubens raw cock, than horny little Aaron Aurora? Though I hear he had to beg a little, to get that pleasure, not like anyone could say no to him anyhow. He, the guy is sexy, and well, this is a tasty threesome.

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threesome sex

Bareback Threesome with Rimming

Threesome with some rimming action. Now that I could get into, as these trendy brits get into some hot and heavy bareback sex. Least that's the idea, and the guys are, well okay, but it is the rimming I am checking out. I mean three guys, all lined up in a row, bare butts up in the air, and tongues at the ready. That's what I wanna see.

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giving him the bone

Keep Your Hands to Yourself | Kinky Threesome

A bit of rough is kind of fun. Some call it kinky, but honestly, when you are horny, nothing really matters. Sex gets a bit rough, so what, it sure as fuck feels good. Course you don't want the guy in the middle to pull back, or control just how much cock you feed him, so putting his hands into cuffs works for me. And damn, that is one nice thick looking dick he has to suck, while his ass gets pummeled by a hard dick. I do love a good hot threesome, don't you?

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