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same old stuff

Where is the beef?

Wouldn't it be nice if sites provided content that actually got one excited to sign up? Or at le3ast gave you content that matched the site name? I know I sure would like it.

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Justin Alexander and Shane Hirch

Up for a hot massage

I do so enjoy giving a hot slender young thing a bit of a rub down, before uh, getting much more pesonal. Better yet though would be to have them caress my tired old body with those firm young hands, wiggly digits, and uh, much more. Hey, I am versatile, and a hot massage with warm scented oil is very stimulating, don't you think?

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Where are the Twinks

Honestly, I don't mind hunks, don't even mind some hairy guys either, but I do prefer my twinks, so when you say they are Twinks in shorts, well how about showing me at least one twink? These two, well they don't make me think TWINK.

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Twinks having bareback sex

Twinkies in shorts and knee socks

Can you just imagine what it would be like, to slowly unpeel those knee high socks, smelling that musky odor eminnating from their crotch? See the bulge swell as you pull the socks down, to reveal their creamy flesh? I know I can, everytime I see hot twinks in nylon shorts and socks.

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Blake Carnage and Kyle Ross

Young Men on Vacation

The sun is shining, the twinks are in shorts, you just know that sex is not far away. Add that both Kyle Ross and Blake Carnage are sexy barely legal twinks, and to hell with working around the house, they are gonna work on each others boners. Now that is what makes a good outdoor romp fun, when the two horn dogs are a pair of cute twinks. Kind of makes this old man stroke his own cock a bit harder.

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