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Alex Killborn and Noah White

Remembering losing his cherry

I love it when Helix does a sort of flashback thing, when a hot model recounts how he lost his virginity, or some other first time experience. They nail it pretty good with choice of model, but honestly, they seem to get guys who capture the moment, who truly make you believe you are witnessing that first time experience.

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hot cock

State of Porn-O-Land | The POV Craze

In some ways, it is quite arousing to watch a hot guy being blown or fucked, as if you are the lucky bastard getting it. But not all sites can pull it off, they try to either get too artsy fartsy, or just add shit that makes the whole POV fantasy tiresome and well, bit annoying.

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Johannes Lars does time

Back Behind Bars

Oh I do like the look of twinky Johannes Lars. And you know, he rather suprised me with how he fits the role, and actually makes it all seem so, well real. The look on his face, when he is confronted with that big uncut dick, is just what you would expect. Plus he is what I do call a real twink, long hair, pretty face, nice lean body.

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Twinkies fool around


The older one gets, the less fun they can be. I mean if you are my age, how often do you just, well fool around with your buddies? Do you toss them on the bed and wrestle before finding yourself sucking one of their dicks? Nah, didn't think so, which is why I do love my Twinkies. They do fool around.

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