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Tim Walker

sexy young blond gay boy

He is a Dream
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He may be twenty one, (well twenty two on August 31st of this year) but he just looks like he could be a High School Senior. I mean that lovely mop of blond hair, those thin lips that always seem to be ready to break apart, into a wide grin, just gets this Old Fart reaching for the cum rag.  Like who the fuck needs any lube, when you are already burning hard, ready to pop?

If just his sexy look doesn’t get you, well how about that tasty eight inch cock?  Yes, you heard me right, Tim Walker has a beautiful eight inch Penis, and more than just being big, he knows how to use it, so his fuck buddies can enjoy every inch of that throbbing hunk of Czech manhood.  Doesn’t matter either, if he is on top, or spreading his lovely ass for a nice cock, he just seems like he’s having fun.




Blond twink is ready for some ass fucking

He Looks Ready for a Big Cock
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There are lots of good looking young men, but it isn’t just their physical appearance that gets me jerking off.

It is looks like the one Tim is showing. I mean it is almost as if he is begging to have that open pucker hole drilled, and is wanting you to be the lucky bastard, who gets to tap that sweet hole.

Personally, if I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of that stare, I’d do my level best to not feint. Instead I’d hope to stay calm, long enough to get close, and perhaps give that awesome looking hole a warm extra special rimming, before stretching it with my own blood gorged Cock.



I can’t make up my mind, which look gets me the most excited, and reaching for more lube. I mean the one with his finger in his mouth, that sort of sheepish look, or the one where he is holding his hands over his crotch.  Then again, the look of pure joy on his face, as he rides that cock, is a kicker too. After all, I do enjoy it when you can see how much they are enjoying a good ride on a stiff cock.


Tim Walker stretched out naked

What could he be thinking?
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They really don’t give enough details, for someone as hot as Tim.  I get that they call him “Prince” as a nickname, but why? And too, what are his interests, outside of keeping an old geezer like me stroking?

What can I say, I am nosey, but truthfully, the more of those kind of details, the hotter my fantasies become. And given how fucking adorable Tim is, well, maybe it is a good thing they don’t give me more details. I could do myself an injury. LOL




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  1. perfect face! Most beautiful guy ever!

  2. omg tim is by far beyound hot,dreamy and sexy.perfect in every way.a dream cum true.love everything he is in.

    • Daddy Sweet Tooth

      He is one of those Models that you can enjoy over and over again. Might want to check out Noah Mateous as well, he’s pretty damn hot too, with a nice inviting smile that makes me think of Tim when I first saw him on Staxus.

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