It is that kind of a look, that gets DADDY grinning from ear to ear, and reaching for some lubricant. You know, being old, isn’t what it is cracked up to be, nor is retirement, but hey, we all get old, right?

Thing is, so many figure that just because a guy is past his prime, that he can’t enjoy sex.

Well I am living proof, that they are 100% WRONG!

I love my sexy young twinks, online and in real life too. I enjoy a fairly good sex life, for a Senior, and without any added help.

Hey, I can get my Pecker up when I see the right young twink, like ELON down there.

Thing is, I am retired, and with a fixed income, it isn’t easy to just drag out the credit card and join every site, that has a sexy young Twink that appeals to my eye.

I need to be discriminating, and choose those sites that actually can deliver some good fantasy inspirations, because after all, that is what Porn is.

Which is what I hope to share here, to let you in on the fantasies, that help keep me sane, and well, satisfied.  After all, when you are on a fixed income, you can’t enjoy every cutie that comes knocking on the door.

Plus, like everything else these days, even “special friends” are more expensive.

But hey I hope you enjoy my site TWINK FEVER and follow it and join the top quality studios I offer. By flexing that credit card your helping support a continuos flow off cutie’s!

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